Time To Practice

Now is the time. Every yoga cliché or platitude heard in a class or worn on a t-shirt is now live on the main stage of life.

I’ve wished quite a few times that I could put my life on pause and have a moment to REALLY catch my breath. Plus: read more, meditate more, play with my kids more and clean out the basement. I never imagined it would look like this, but the reality is that we all have a forced pause upon us and a new reality. Globally. This situation also comes with a huge amount of uncertainty, concern- and at times, anxiety. It takes less than a minute of truly game changing news to move from worrying about my everyday issues (primarily myself) to getting instant clarity on what actually matters. My calendar is shockingly clear. Items fell off the to-do list.

This is the opportunity to demonstrate leadership by ALL of us and use every one of our tools. Breath, drishti and the ability to stay centered in the discomfort of the pose. Calm, optimism, compassion and sacrifice for the greater good. To do whatever we can to protect us all and especially the most vulnerable among us. Truly, this experience demonstrates that we are all connected and in it together. Someone asked the Maharishi how we should treat others. His answer: there are no others.

My highest hope is that through this challenge, we all fall in love with humanity and life again. We appreciate everything that we took for granted. We recognize the need to create a commitment to kindness, respect, our planet and do it all with a new profound humility.

I couldn’t be more optimistic about people right now. From the viral videos of Italians singing on their balconies to the warmer expressions of appreciation at our grocery store, coffee shop or on a walk through my neighborhood; I’m glad to see you and wish you well.

PYB community: I know I speak for all the teachers when I say that we miss you so much already and can’t wait to be together again back in the studio! In the meantime, let’s keep seeing each other and connecting through social media. Sleep, eat and rest well. Allow yourself space for what you need and know that we are all here with you in this intense time. It’s time to practice.

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