PYB in the Community

Taking the practice out of the studio and into the world.

Jen & Steve Speak

Jennifer Gress & Steve Procknal

What They Do

Jen and Steve work with progressive organizations who are committed to supporting & enhancing their employees’ professional and personal wellness. Imagine your work community committed to better wellness habits for physical health & mental resilience as well as fostering greater team connection even in the virtual environment.

They have been sharing this work for the past six years in our community with corporations, veterans, teachers and students. Jen and Steve look forward to meeting participants wherever they are and sharing tools that can make a difference right now.

Yogis in Service

Catherine Cook-Cottone

Yogis in Service (YIS) was co-founded by Catherine Cook-Cottone, Diane Rose, Eric Heard, and Daija Price. It is a non-profit organization that uses nearly 100% of their donations to provide yoga, for free, to the Buffalo community.

The mission of Yogis in Service is to share yoga and mindfulness as a set of self-care tools. These tools are shared via the Yogis in Service teacher through various community-based classes in schools, hospitals, universities, community centers, and treatment centers. Their classes are trauma informed and inclusive, physical and fun.

Get to know them, train with them, join them as a teacher or volunteer. Call on their support for your community!