Make shift happen.

Jamie Pearsen
Founder of PYB

“The confidence and growth this practice has given me has changed my life profoundly. And I have since witnessed the same spark and transformation in thousands of other people in our amazing community!”

Jamie Pearsen
Founder of PYB

What we're about.

Missions and Values

Here at PYB we are committed to growth! We create a space for possibility in everything we do and we show people that yoga is for everybody.

Where we started.

In 2010, we opened the doors of the first Power Yoga Buffalo studio on Lincoln Road. We opened this studio to share the practice that changed our lives so greatly with as many humans as possible. Lincoln Road had space for 35 mats – if we squished. If you wanted a spot, you’d have to come early and wait outside for the other class to finish – even in the winter. The love that fit inside those walls could not be put into words. The space was eventually filled with so much love, community, and transformational energy that it was bursting at the seams. So, we expanded…and expanded…and expanded again!

Where we are now.

Today, we continue to celebrate the incredible opportunity this community gave us to spread the PYB love – two studios; countless classes, events, fundraisers, workshops, 40-day programs, 21-day challenges, holiday parties, graffiti walls; and plenty of real conversations and real transformations later.

Without our incredible, inspiring, loving students and teachers, this growth wouldn’t be possible. The Buffalo community inspires us every single day with their commitment to and love for this practice. It is our community that has helped us build our foundation on non-judgment to create a space where everyone is welcome.

Join the PYB Fam.

Flexibility, experience, and enlightenment are not required. We just want real, fun, kind people who are ready to make shift happen – in their own lives, and out in the world.

What we do.

Baptiste Power Yoga.

We are a Baptiste Power Yoga affiliate. This means our teaching is rooted in the Baptiste methodology: A Vinyasa style flow sequence; practiced in a room heated to precisely 90 degrees; and designed to give everybody access to power, vitality, and freedom.

The physical practice and beyond.

What we do here at PYB goes beyond the physical, however, we believe that it is through the physical practice that all other transformation becomes possible. You will definitely come in and get a good sweat. But you will leave with so much more. We share this methodology and practice because we know firsthand that it has the potential to transform bodies, minds, and lives.