NO New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions tend to have a bad reputation for sounding like a chore and being notoriously unreliable. I think the main downfall is that the title alone: ‘New Year’s Resolution’ sounds short term! The further we get away from New Year’s, the less power those resolutions have. Who’s talking about keeping their New Year’s Resolutions on June 25th?

So, let’s turn this upside down with 2 new ideas:

1- Give up something instead.
2- Create a new commitment.

In the Baptiste yoga world we like to fill in the blanks of this phrase ‘I give up __________ and I’m committed to ________ right now’, using simple and powerful language.

The fill in the blank style doesn’t leave room for a long drawn out story and ending with ‘right now’ puts all the power in our hands to make the commitment real and actionable in the moment! Those of you who have participated in the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program (which is coming in January by the way!) might have done this exercise before. AND, even if you have done it before, the formula still works when you are honest about how you need to fill in those blanks for what is relevant to you right now.

This one sentence can be a powerful mantra and reminder of what you want for yourself and what you have to let go of in order to make space for it. Example: If I want a healthier body, I have to also be willing to give up my excuses for eating Oreos every night for dinner and not going to yoga. If I’m committed to growing in my career and leadership, I also have to be willing to give up sitting silently in meetings. Make sense? What this really addresses is both sides of the equation and the word ‘commitment’ is much stronger to me than anything that has to do with New Year’s! (plastic headbands that say ‘Happy New Year’ and inflated Uber rates) When I hear the word commitment, that says to me that my integrity is on the line. I put the weight of my word behind it.

So, fill in the blanks for yourself and DEFINITELY share this with someone. A friend, family member or the person on the mat next to you at PYB! The more we don’t keep it to ourselves, the more likely we are to stay supported, accountable and follow through. Write it on a sticky note and stick to your bathroom mirror, fridge, phone etc. Set a timer on your phone with your statement as an occasional reminder. Use it in your meditation and yoga practice to stay present.

Now- go get 2019!

xoxo & Namaste,

Sign up for the Vision Board ‘Game On 2019’ workshop (through the ‘Events’ tab) with Candice and me to unleash your creativity and imagination! (Both at Elmwood & Southtowns)


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