Something for everyone.

Our Classes

Heated Basics

60 minutes

No flexibility or experience required! In this 60-minute class, you will learn the Journey Into Power sequence we teach at PYB. We’ll break down poses with space for questions when necessary as a way to help grow your understanding of alignment and movement. This class is a great place to start if you are new to PYB, or if you’re a long-time practitioner looking for some fine tuning.

Heated Flow Classes

PYB 75
75 minutes

Get present in your body and breath with a 75-minute deep flow. In this class, you will have time to hold poses and feel your body. Plan to step outside of your comfort zone and leave feeling rinsed and renewed! All levels welcome.

PYB 60
60 minutes

With less time for thinking between poses, you’ll move intentionally from one thing to the next. This is good, hard work that will likely become the best 60 minutes of your day.

PYB 45
45 minutes

Move, breathe, sweat, and get on with your day! This 45-minute flow offers everything you love about the the other PYB classes in less time. We shave off time with less detailed instructions as you move with your breath from one pose to the next.

Specialty Classes

Pay What You Can: PYB60
60 minutes

This is a PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN class designed to be accessible regardless of income or financial position.

Feel free to join whether you currently have a class package or not. The class is All-levels and open to everyone!

How to “pay what you can” :

REGISTER AHEAD: We ask that all students register ahead for all classes.

SELECT YOUR PASS: When you go to register you will choose from our Pay What You Can passes ranging from $0-$15.

PREFER CASH?: If you prefer to bring cash on the day of, that’s fine too! Simply register using the $0 option and bring cash on the day of if that’s what suits you!

60 minutes

Our PYBeats class has intentionally chosen music each class. You can expect themes and possibly explicit lyrics at times!

Power + Yin
60-75 minutes

The Power + Yin will heat you up and ring you out. Expect about 40-45 minutes of fast-paced, sweaty Baptiste vinyasa followed by 20-30 minutes of deep stretching, with long holds, to release joints, tissue, fascia, and ligaments. This is good, hard work. Plan to step out of your comfort zone and leave feeling rinsed out and renewed!

60 minutes

Our HIIT + Flow class is a mix of our bread and butter, Journey Into Power flow and High Intensity Interval Training. This style of practice incorporates short intervals of plyometric, strengthening and sculpting movements right into your flow! Yes, you are going to “feel the burn!”

Kids Classes

PYB Little Pretzels
60 minutes

A lively 60-minute class for your kiddos! Kids will have the opportunity to co-create their practice through mindfulness activities, breathing exercises, yoga poses, games, and more. Children must be  at least 4 years old and potty trained.

Current covid-19  protocols will be observed and pre-registration is required.


List of current protocols:

The studio follows all NYS guidelines for adults and children.

All crafts and materials will be given out at the beginning of class and sanitized after.

*This class is currently only offered at our Elmwood location and coincides with the adult PYB 60 class.

PYB Power Chicks Tweens Flow
60 minutes

This class is designed to emPOWER girls ages 10-14 through the practice of yoga and mindfulness. This class works through a Baptiste Power Yoga flow in a way that is similar to our adult classes to give girls an opportunity to grow their confidence and their yoga practice. Our power chicks are a YES for connection, compassion, reflection and courage!

PYB Kids Power Flow
45 minutes

This class gives kids ages 8-13 a chance to try the same PYB flow we teach in our adult classes. We teach the Baptiste Journey Into Power series as a way to strengthen their minds and bodies. We emphasize breath, mindfulness and FUN!

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