Our Jouney

Steve Procknal

I grew up playing every team sport and thought the way to get a strong body was either by playing on the field or lifting weights in a gym. I remember one day, I was in Brazil and was fascinated by a bunch of locals practicing capoeira, the Brazilian dance and martial arts mixture, on the beach. I didn’t understand how simply moving your own body weight and using your own balance resulted in elite fitness. I was confused. After finishing a collegiate sports career in soccer and track, I wanted something more. I took on triathlons and distance running. After a couple years of hard training, I started to develop chronic injuries. I tried everything for rehab, including physical therapy and surgery. Finally a friend recommend I try power yoga. Everything made sense. My body loosened up, muscles I didn’t know existed started to fire, and a new balance in my life was created. I felt alive. I thought back to the time in Brazil and now realized how just by moving your own body, you can develop elite fitness, strength and flexibility. After months of practicing, I came to the conclusion that power yoga is the center hub of physical fitness. I knew with regular practice I would be able to take on any physical challenge and thrive. But what I also found was that yoga gave me the ability to bring my mind back to that center hub as well. I believe fully in both the mental and physical benefits of power yoga, and wish that I had been offered this earlier in both my sports career and my life. Power Yoga has taken me around the country and the world. I am so glad I can share it with others.