Our studios

We always wanted to create a space that anyone—regardless of experience—could come to practice yoga. To share the transformative power of yoga, and to take the mystery out of what it means to practice. To remove yoga from its pedestal and to allow people to let yoga help change their lives right now no matter what is going on.

The studio’s primary focus is to cultivate a place where people come to play with life. Where people start to make healthier choices every minute of every day. And, where these changes filter into families, friends, and communities. The studio’s teachers teach based on the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga system. A powerful method to learn, grow, respond and shine.

The feeling you get from one of our classes is priceless and people usually come back for more. We combine a heated room with a flow to impact bodies, minds and spirits. We want to turn everyone of you on to Power Yoga Buffalo, one by one. To see for yourself that each of you are bright lights that can transform our world.

Welcome to our studio,