Our Jouney

Jen Gress

I stumbled into a Baptiste yoga class at my local YMCA in 2005 (it was the class offered during child care hours!) and have been hooked ever since. I was trying to find my way as a new mom and excavate my pre-baby body. The first practice was a real struggle, but the way the teacher spoke to mind, body and spirit hit me like a ton of bricks and spoke right to my heart. I also saw the incredible strength, positivity and felt the energy of the other students in the class- this was something special. Although a regular yoga practice has given me greater physical strength and abilities, the most significant gift from yoga is deeper. In the quiet moments of practice and savasana I began to glimpse greater wholeness as a person; peace, joy and acceptance from within. I also began to question my perspectives off the mat- and that has created huge transformation and happiness in so many aspects of my life.

Although I was scared to take the plunge and even admit that I wanted to teach- ‘I’ll do that when the kids are older’, ‘when I have more time’, ‘when I’m ‘better’ at yoga’; I attended a Foundations weekend with Baron and realized that I just might ‘be ready right now’. No more excuses- I took on teacher training and then began to teach.

I am passionate about the power of yoga to create awareness, vitality and freedom in the body and in the mind. I am blessed to have the opportunity to share what I love and what has resonated for me in yoga and in my life with students. If you are unsure about beginning yoga- just come. Consider that you are ready right now.