Yoga MAYhem!

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Date(s) - 05/11/2018 - 05/31/2018

The answer to WHEN is NOW. The answer to HOW is YES!
Can we get a HELL Y E S for a REFRESH after a long(and we mean LONG) winter!
This is a way to challenge yourself to get on your mat for 21 days straight. Maybe you’ve fallen off a little since 40 Days. Maybe you’ve been dabbling with a couple days a week on the mat but are curious what’s possible if you really commit to MORE. Or maybe you just straight up love a good challenge. Whatever it is, we want to see you on the mat! We promise, you won’t be disappointed!
What you need to know:
The challenge starts May 11 and ends May 31st. You must attend class IN THE STUDIO for ALL 21 DAYS. All 3 locations count.
To sign up: There is NO ONLINE REGISTRATION PAGE. You will put your name on a MAYhem poster at your home studio.
Complete all 21 days IN THE STUDIO and be entered to win a B-Mat, a Month Unlimited Pass or a piece of PYB apparel! 1 winner will be chosen from each studio.
Suggested Class Passes:
30 Day Month Unlimited for $99
21 Day Yoga MAYhem Pass for $65( Starts May 11 & expires May 31- even if you purchase this pass today, it will not activate until May 11th)