40 Days To Personal Revolution

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Date(s) - 01/19/2014 - 02/27/2014

Power Yoga Buffalo

Cost: $225

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40 days to Personal Revolution is based on the book by Baron Baptiste. It is a truly transformative process which turns your attention inward to cultivate awareness of your body, mind and spirit. The program goal is to increase your yoga practice to 6 days a week with the goal being 4 in studio classes & 2 at home practices per week (just a goal).

The next focus is to take a look at your eating habits and start to look at food a bit differently, observing how and when you “fuel” your body. We offer once weekly nutrition classes to discuss this more in depth. Nutrition will be held every Sunday at 8:30am.

The final piece is to begin a meditation practice. We guide and teach you several options to start your practice. Meditation will be held Saturdays at 8am.

Doesn’t matter what your goals are, when you practice & focus, your body returns to its most natural/healthy state.

The cost is $225 which includes the book and all studio classes. If you have a current package, it gets put on hold for the 40 days.

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