Our Jouney

Candice Cinquino

How I found this practice: I spent most of my life before this practice burning my candle at both ends. I was sure that “THIS was the only way to live fully. Go, go, go or you’ll miss out.” My mind was constantly looking for the next activity to fill my time, the next “thing” to occupy my mind. When I came home to finish college and started to focus more on my yoga practice, I began to see that I was actually doing the opposite of living fully. In my effort to “get it all in” I was actually missing a lot of opportunities for growth. Yoga became the one place I could go to slow down my body and mind.

I took my first Baptiste Power Yoga class about 3 months before I started my 200hr teacher training with the Himalayan Institute and from that final Savasana on, I knew this was exactly where I was meant to be. I felt that feeling you get when you come home from a vacation. No matter how good that vacation was, there is something soothing and refreshing about arriving back at your own house. I was home. For the first time, I felt this undeniable connection between my mind and body and this even more powerful connection with the people around me. After every class I noticed I had this sense of peace that I had never given myself a chance to feel amidst all of my “busy-ness.”

A few months after finishing my 200hr teacher training in Hatha Yoga, I attended Baptiste Level One training so I could start sharing this practice, this amazing connection, with more people. I do intend to continue my training through the Baptiste Teacher Certification program so I can continue to grow and inspire others to do the same!

Why I teach: This practice reminds me every day to slow down and pay attention. It reaffirms the importance of living in the NOW. I teach to share this experience with other people. I want everyone I touch to feel the connection between what you experience and learn on your mat, to what is possible in your life outside the studio. This practice will elevate you to WHEREVER you want to be and there is nothing more fulfilling than helping someone else recognize this, recognize that they have the power to create whatever they want on the mat and off. THIS is what LIGHTS ME UP!

My greatest lesson so far: live in the NOW, it is the only time that really exists…and do not be afraid to be a little bit messy sometimes.