Ashley Kney

Who knew that a Living Social deal purchased on October 22nd 2010 would end up taking me on such an amazing journey. A journey that has lasted long after the expiration date on the voucher.  Being a runner I bought the Living Social deal because I thought that it would help with my flexibility and core strength. After my first class I was instantly hooked, the physical benefits amazed me. Over the next few months I was fitting in as many classes as I could. I seemed lighter on my runs and believed that yoga was just a great physical workout. I hadn’t begun to notice the small changes that were happening off my mat and in my life.

It wasn’t until I attended a weekend workshop with Baron Baptiste and that it really started to resonate with me that yoga went much deeper than a good sweat. I began to see a shift in how I showed up to practice. I started showing up to my mat the way I show up in life; ready to work, sometimes serious, but always with an optimistic outlook and a smile. I attended an Art of Assisting training and was amazed at how the slightest touch can make the biggest difference in your practice. After the training I knew that I needed to give back to this amazing yoga community by sharing all that I had learned and am still learning!! I am excited to continue on this journey.

“Spread love everywhere you go…let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” Mother Theresa